Welcome to the home of Team HKZ!

A young team working its way to the top!!

Subpart of YGR

I would like to congratulate HKZ, we have perform extremely well especially Hugo,Ben,James and Kow. Good Work Guys!! The 3 teams in HKZ was eliminated in the first rounds of the playoff but only by a few points. First Comp that HKZ has ever enter. But also its not all loses, MK boys of YGR swiftly cruise through the Comp and become the champions of the comp. Second Place went to another YGR, Tony and Frizz NICE!!. Videos will be up soon in the Video Tab.

We are now subpart of YGR, old rules still apply!. please take a look at the new rules

I would like to congratulate Ben as he is now part of Team HKZ

We now have three teams in the 2v2 Comp held in TimeZone, QueenStreet. Added a Video Page for Team HKZ battles and TA. Also added a Requirements Page to join HKZ.

I would like to congratulate on Kow and James as they are now part of the Team HKZ!!!

A Long Update since 17/04/09, first I would like to congratulate Jono on achieving 1K stars!! HKZ has been inactive lately due to members having exams etc. But now we will be active again, Hugo and I will be joining the August Time Zone 2v2 Comp!!, another pair may rise from HKZ!

Alot has happen lately, seems there is a new team on the block. Team X and i believe that  my step bro is in it..
Well thats all for this update.. more updates coming!

First TA video run by Jono on Nagoya! Congrats on the new time! ~
A Friendly 2v2 vsing Team YGR! ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UppyOBAwnNY&feature=related

Jono will take a long break from WMMT3 DX but I would like to thank him for all he has done for HKZ and had  great fun today, nice meeting you!

Updates on all References Videos, Now updated to the fastest ones on Youtube Enjoy!

I would like to welcome three new members to our team, Jono and Andy  WELCOME TO HKZ!

HKZ is now recruiting in Auckland Branch If interested, please contact TeamHKZ@Live.com for further details!


Team HKZ is created on 14/01/09 in Hong Kong by a Cantonese wmmt3 player that lives in New Zealand. He created this team to bring good wmmt3 players together and work its way to the top of the IR. We aim to improve on ourselves through support, Battles, Time Attack and Teamwork.

Also the golden rule of this team is to have fun at all times. As most of time we just go out and have battles. Our goals for this team is to be at the top of NZ IR and at least in the Top 50 of International IR.

We are looking forward to new members!

If you like to join Team HKZ, Please Contact Frank on the WME Forums! (http://wmexpressway.net)
Username is hkazne and take a look at the requirements.


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